High Gloss Lacquer Or CV Over Oil


From original questioner:

Hi Everyone,

I have a client that wants their cabinetry back brushed in a SW color (#7625) but also with a high gloss sheen. Obviously, I would have to do this in an oil so I could back brush, however, SW informed me that this would only come in a semi-gloss sheen. What could I do to achieve the high gloss. Could I top coat with high gloss lacquer or cv or is that asking for trouble? Any thoughts are appreciated.

From contributor Ke

I would just use a sherwin williams glaze. then vinyl sealer. then scuff and topcoat any sheen you want.

be sure to clean and scuff very well before glazing. there can be all kinds of crap on existing cabinetry that can wreak havoc on finishes.

From contributor ri

They don't have any gloss product that they can tint? I'd say the only thing you could top coat it with is a water based product after the color has had PLENTY of time to cure. Not dry, but cure. Asking the dealer would be a safer bet before you start experimenting.

From contributor St

Kevin, if I use a glaze, would that leave larger streak marks as opposed to the fine brush marks they are wanting?