High Gloss Laminates And Edgebanding


From original questioner:

Hi All
I am looking for advice and information on edge banding for high gloss laminates
particularly best practice for invisible joints
to be within a reasonable (see small 20k) budget I will be looking for a second user machine initially which will dictate a glue based solution, is a retrofit possible on any brands to the new hot air systems?
or are there brands at entry point pricing that are effective in this area?

From contributor Ch

Curious why a gloss laminate is any different that any other in terms of application.

So are you looking for a edge bander ? If so place a WTB ad on the Machinery Forum. Make sure that you actually see the machine do what you want before buying. Do not accept a dealer assuring you it works perfectly without see it yourself. Also demand at least a 3 month warranty. If you buy from a private part, same rules apply but the price should be suck that you are buying without a warranty.

Good luck

From contributor ja

thanks for the response and good advice for the purchase
I guess my question is relating to the quality of the finish after edge banding
with a high gloss, I would need a high gloss finish on the trimmed edges would I not?
will i get this with buffing?

From contributor La

You will not get a high gloss finish on the edges with buffing laminate. You will see the edge of the laminate, dark brown! You can get a better look with gloss PVC. Probably not a perfect match in gloss but the stations you will need are: contour scraping, buffing, heat guns you can adjust the heat output & angle to gloss up the scraped edges.

From contributor ja

thank you Larry
that's what I needed