Hinge On Mitered Corners


From original questioner:

I'm making a cabinet with (what I believe) is a non-standard hinge requirement. I've sketched up what I am trying to do. Does anyone have any ideas if there is a hinge that will work for this situation?

I have been looking at the Blum Compact 33 hinge that can attain a large overlay, but I'm not sure if this is the best solution or if it will work with the mitred corners.

Thanks very much

From contributor JM

Fid the hinge with the largest overlay you can, then cut a rebate into the post to mount the plate?

From contributor Jo

See attached - just about any Euro hinge 165-170 will handle a mitered door.

From contributor Da

CBP2A99 would be the Salice item # for the hinge made for this application and we buy them from Hafele. Salice seems to have the best solutions for euro hinge applications.

From contributor Sa

Richelieu sells these Blum hinges for special applications.

Clip Top Hinge - Zero Protrusion - 71T750N180