Hinge Solutions for an Obstructed Cabinet Door

Recommendations for a situation where a windowsill will stop a cabinet door from opening freely. April 19, 2015

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I have a project where a window stool will interfere with a conventional cabinet door opening design (full overlay). It won't be a problem if I can find a hinge that that when open, the front face of the door is in-line with the inside edge of the face frame. Does anyone know of such a hinge?

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From contributor D:
You could use a wider cabinet stile and have the door hinged farther to the right. You could modify the overlay to have none on the left side or as little as you want.

From contributor X:
You can try using a hinge for thick doors.

From Contributor B:
I agree with Contributor X but you will want to use the 86 degree limiting device as well. Depending on your actual overlay, we can recommend the correct mounting plate to use. There is no hinge that will put the face of the door in line with the edge of the face frame in an overlay application. Here is a product bulletin for this application.

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From the original questioner:
Thanks guys. Altering the design (using a wider stile) is not an option in this case. Contributor X and Contributor Bís suggestions will help here. As it is, based on a mock-up I did, when the door is opened 90 degrees it will be practically flush to the window stool edge. So, limiting to 86 degrees seems to be a good solution. The door is 3/4" thick with a 1/2" full overlay.

From Contributor B:
For a 1/2" overlay, here are the actual parts you will need:

Hinge: C2RBA99 - 94 degree, self-close full overlay with dowels.

Mounting plate: BAU3R49 - 4mm face frame mounting plate.

Limit Device: S2A637XF.

If you are using soft close hinges, the hinge would be #C2RBAD9. Some adjustment will be necessary to get to a 1/2" overlay. People always ask so here is a photo showing how the limiting devise is installed in the hinge.

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From contributor E:
Another option could be a bi-fold hinge with the regular hinges on the right door.

From Contributor B:
Good idea. Something like this. It's called "concertina".

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