Hinges for Thick Cabinet Doors

Finding sources for hinging a 1.5-inch-thick inset cabinet door. January 19, 2011

Has anyone seen a euro hinge for 1 3/4" thick doors? Blum makes one for 1 1/4" but thatís the only one I have found. The customer prefers not to see the hinge so no butt or mortise hinges preferably. Itís an inset door by the way.

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From contributor U:
Just route out a pocket where the hinges are on the door to the thickness you want. You can then use a standard 3/4 thick door hinge if you want.

From contributor D:
Just curious - why would you build inset 1 3/4" thick cabinet doors?

From the original questioner:
I didn't build the doors. The customer wants us to use some antique windows he already has as glass doors and they happen to be 1 3/4" thick. Routing out would be a last resort as it might look a little tacky.

From contributor A:
Hettich offer several thick door hinge models. The one you are looking for has a 40mm cup and will handle profiled doors to 43mm. Model Intermat 9935 I believe.

From contributor E:
Salice also has the "F" series for doors up to 1-1/2 inches thick. It is offered in both free swinging and self closing with arm cranks for full overlay doors, partial overlay doors or for inset doors. For a 1 3/4" thick door you would still need to route the back of the door down to 1-1/2". This works well. Also, as with any thick door concealed hinge, the required gap between two doors will increase as the door thickness increases. Salice offers a chart defining the required gap for your door thickness. Thicker doors are very popular in kitchen designs today; especially on the west coast.