Holding Down Veneer on a CNC

Suggestions for holding veneer down when cutting out curved shapes on a CNC. December 11, 2012

I need to cut veneer to cover the top edge on large radius panels. I plan to apply a sheet of veneer to particleboard and have the router cut curved strips. How do I hold veneer in place as strips are being cut, but easily remove to contact veneer to top edge of panels?

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From contributor J:
A) A really good vacuum.
B) In the absence of a really good vac (and even small strips may not hold), you can use small tabs - .5" + material left at intervals to keep sheet connected together, then simply cut and sand off the small amount left.
C) Lightly adhere the material to, say, some .25 melamine, cut it out, then peel it off and go to work.

From contributor K:
A trick I use all the time is 3M 77 spray adhesive. Spray a very light coat on the back of the laminate or veneer and also the spoilboard, then route using 1/8 RB, then just easily peel it off. The trick is not too much or too little adhesive, and only use 3M 77.

From contributor O:

Veneers can be tough. Lay down a mat of .032" foam tape and as the CNC router cuts the veneer, all will be at the same level, hold fast and no tabs should be necessary.