Home-Built Casket

Description and photo of casket built using water oak. September 24, 2003

(Sawing and Drying Forum)
Here is a photo of a casket my friend made for his father.

The bottom, sides and ends are water oak. The lid is Louisiana native pecan. We gave it a light coating of Min-Wax clear and wiped it off after about 10 minutes. Around here everyone thinks water oak is a trash tree. It grows real fast (I've got one 30 feet tall that is only 10 years old).

We really didn't have plans except for a simple sketch. A quick internet search for "casket plans" did find some, including one that looks like what we put together.

My neighbors got into the casket making business in much a similar fashion. Her dad passed away, and they made one out of native timber. They're now promoting these as a cheaper alternative to "purchased" units. A good way to utilize air-dried lumber.