Honeycomb Caused by Stickers?

Do stickers cause honeycomb? Well, it could happen. December 6, 2011

If I have red oak green stickered with sticks that were outside in the weather, and I put it in the kiln, would I get honeycomb in the wood where the stick is sitting? I heard this today and I don't know if it is true.

Forum Responses
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From contributor B:
I might speculate that if the oak had pre-existing surface checks, which prematurely closed because moisture was absorbed from the wet sticks, I could see those checks under the sticks being driven deeper such that they become bottleneck checks, which though not true honeycomb, from a practical perspective may as well be considered honeycomb. It's always best to use dry sticks.

From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
I have seen checking under the sticks when the stickers are really dry. The very dry wood apparently dries out the wood too fast and creates checks that then develop into honeycomb.

However, I can imagine that wet sticks will slow drying and then in a conventional kiln when the heat is increased, the area under the sticker is too wet for the heat and therefore checks and honeycombs.