Hot Melt Glue for Bonding Fabric to Wood

Industrial adhesives may be the best choice. May 20, 2006

I'm looking for a hot melt glue to attach fabric panels to wood. I need it to have a 30-60 sec set up time to allow for adjustments and preferably something that does not string. I use off the shelf sticks and only have about a 10 sec window, if that. I would also like to find a gun with an extended tip for tight places. I do light to moderate production with these linings, so speed is not a concern.

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From contributor J:
The best way to apply hot melt for this application is with a small hot melt unit that can handle bulk hot melt. We have EVA formulations with up to 1 minute open time, which can be applied with a bead or swirl spray. By swirl spraying, you could apply glue to the fabric, which may eliminate the need for the long tip.

From contributor O:
Most fabric stores have hot melt sheets used to fuse fabrics with a household iron. Might work.

From contributor C:
There are a wide variety of industrial hand held hot melt adhesive applicators available on the market. Some work with hand squeeze pressure, others with compressed air. The nicest feature is that the majority of these systems do not require expensive glue sticks which tend to be quite limited in their ability to bond to some substrates. Instead almost any bulk industrial assembly hot melt available on the market may be used. Most of these hot melts come in small wafer or pellet forms and are easy to handle in small systems. Finding an assembly hot melt with 30-60 seconds open-time should be no problem once you've opened yourself to the bulk adhesive universe. Additionally, most of the higher quality hand-held gun systems have add-on parts and adaptors, such as the extended nozzle mentioned.

From contributor M:
Use a high temp hot glue gun. I use them for Corian. Any solid surface supplier will have them. They don't get stringy. I have the scars to prove it!