How Many Hinges?

This thread includes a handy chart for deciding when a door large or heavy enough to require a third or fourth hinge. August 12, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
Is there a rule of thumb on euro hinge placement on taller doors? I have some 19x48 alder shaker style with ply panels. They’re not heavy but I’m wondering if I should plan on a center hinge for stability.

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From Contributor G:
Past 40" requires a third hinge.

From contributor K:
Your hinge manufacturers catalog will have a chart based on size and weight of the door. Most manufacturers have the manuals online in PDF format.

From Contributor D:
This chart will apply for any brand European hinge.

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From the original questioner:
I was going off weight as the shaker door is tall but light (under 20 lbs.) but I guess you read the chart as under 20 lbs. If using two hinges or over 36" tall use three. Three it is.

From Contributor G:
It's either/or, whatever is greater. So if you have a 37" door that weighs 10 lbs it gets three hinges. I start my third hinge at 40".