How To Fix A Warped Cabinet Door


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I have a painted shaker style door frame in maple that will take a glass panel. I've got the euro hinges maxed out and still have a 3/16 offset from its mate. That doors adjustment is maxed out too. I was going to but standard glass in it and now I'm thinking maybe tempered glass will help pull the warp out a bit. Anybody try this before? Please weigh in.

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This was discussed a while back. I have been meaning to try it on an old door in the shop but havent gotten around to it. Check out "mark's" post on this discussion

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If you maxed the adjustment out and it's still off by 3/16" then it's REALLY warped…. it should be re-made. I can't imagine a client allowing that kind of problem to fly?

Unless your using 1/4" or thicker glass I wouldn't expect it to affect the warp in any way at all. The normal 1/8" door glass is pretty flexible. Tempering may or may not stiffen it a bit. But still not enough to remove warp.

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Are sure the case is plumb ? The door will break the glass. Fixed a few for showrooms.

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Why did the door warp initially? If it had too much moisture in the wood initially, and then the wood dried and warped (a normal event for higher MC wood), the door was poorly or incorrectly made. But of even more concern is how much more it will dry in the customer's home or office and try to warp, but break the glass? So, I agree that this effort is a waste of time and money. A new door(s) is needed, made at the correct initial MC. Remember the rule: wood only moves for one reason...change in MC. So a door at the correct MC will not move in service unless the service humidity changes by a large amount.

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Thanks for all the replies. After reading one I realized I had not checked to see if the box was installed with a twist. Sure enough it had a slight twist which when corrected took most of the warp out. I then installed the glass which helped a tiny bit as well. I ended up with a 1/32 offset at top and bottom.

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good deal. Nice to know that this site helps others