How to Stop Inset Doors Flush with the Face Frame

The search for a high-quality detail for stopping inset doors. March 22, 2013

I'm looking for a nice solution to stop inset doors flush with the face frame. The job is a high end kitchen.

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From contributor K:
If you mean the job is custom and finely detailed, then the face frames will be rabbeted on four sides to prevent seeing into cabinets, just as fine furniture has been for centuries. Paired doors will be reverse rabbeted to permit a wide opening. The rabbets stop the door, and are a very nice solution. From there, a bullet catch used to be the preferred method. Today, better work now uses rare earth magnets hidden under shallow plugs.

From contributor M:
You can also use a Euro stop made by FastCap. They are door stops with an off center hole which allows you to adjust them.

From contributor S:
Häfele America Co. has a couple solutions including the screw-on stop and an adjustable magnetic catch. Check out #251.79.600 for the stop and 246.15.110 and 246.15.610 for the mag catch.

From contributor A:
Having tried a variety of solutions over the last decade, including shop-made wood stops with self-closing hinges, the Hafele stops posted above, and various other mechanical and magnetic, low-tec and hi-tec things, I've decided that everything other than a rabbeted face frame is a waste of time.

From contributor I:
Inset stops. We rip lineal oversize to finish 3/4 x 1.25. Run a rabbet cut on the shaper. Mill the piece to remove tear out and size. The rabbet depth set according to bumper thickness. Will cut stop piece the width of face frame opening and pin/glue on the back side of face frame. The rabbet width is 1/2" exposed and 3/4 is glue surface. This blends with the face frame. Might be overkill, but found it to be pretty fast and didn't have to come back with mechanical hardware after finish.

From contributor W:
The rabbet must be for euro hinge. What about butt hinge where magnet is needed?

From contributor N:
We use the magnetic stop that contributor S posted above for inset doors with butt hinges. They work very well and are adjustable. For inset doors with Euro hinges we make our own stops from wood.

From contributor H:
We only do inset, and the best thing I found over the years is a small clear plastic door stop from Outwater held in place with a 5/8'' x #6 screw.