Identifying the Cut of Oak Veneer

Different slicing methods create different grain and fleck patterns. October 14, 2006

I'm planning on repairing some damaged oak veneer. I would appreciate help identifying exactly what type of veneer this is. Specifically, I'm interested in identifying the cut of the veneer. I saw on the site three different types of white oak veneer cuts - quarter sawn, flat cut, and rift cut. The current veneer isn't quarter sawn. But I'm not sure how to distinguish flat and rift cuts. Are there any other cut types?

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From contributor A:
Rift cut white oak veneer is straight grain and plain sliced or flat cut veneer will have a cathedral effect. There is also rotary cut oak which has a wild look to it. The rift cut white oak will be similar to quarter cut; however, it will not have any flake or tiger stripe in it. Rift is also called combed grain.

From the original questioner:
Thanks! Very succinct and helpful response.