Improving Adhesion with Plastic Edgebanding

Here's a tip: try priming the banding with contact cement. January 2, 2012

Iím using a Cehisa EP2S bander and I find that laminate doesn't stick very well when used as edging. I can bang it or yank it off with little effort. I'm using Jowat glue pellets but I'm considering using Helmitin brand next time. Will this help?

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From contributor E:
Some shops sand the back, some clean the back. You can do a search here for additional bonding you info.

From contributor R:
When running HPL edging you need to prime the back of the laminate. Most edgbanding companies sell the primer.

From the original questioner:
I'll ask my supplier. One shop I worked in used watered down white glue for sizing on 6mm maple edge so maybe I'll experiment with that while I'm waiting.

From contributor K:
We simply spray the backside of the laminate strips with contact cement then once it's dry we band. It works great, give it a try.

From contributor E:
To contributor D: Are you using the contact like the primer Contributor R was talking about?

From contributor K:
We are using standard solvent based contact cement as the primer instead of a separate primer product. The contact sticks well to the phenolic and the Dorus 351 edgeband glue sticks well to the contact. It works great and it's easy.