Inline Filter For A Low Pressure Set-up


From original questioner:

hey pressure pot/dbl. diaphragm users; are using a inline filter? and if so, what are you using? Thank you in advance.

From contributor Sh

This looks to be a good choice

From contributor Wy

I buy strainer bags from the paint store. Cut a small piece and zip tie it to the pickup tube in the pot. Works great. I just throw it away every time I clean the pot and put on a new one.

From contributor ro

Use a Binks 54-990 stainless steel inline filter. Screws onto the fluid inlet of the gun to filter dirt in the tank and hoses.
there are different sized filters.
This filter is$106.00

From contributor Ro

Confiscate one of the wives nylon stockings. After cutting off a piece and doubling it over a few times, wrap it on the end of the intake tube and zip tie it in place.

From contributor B

Hello I use these reusable/washable slip on strainers from Homestead finishing

From contributor Ni

thank you for the replies. Robert's reply is what l'm looking for as it's more of a gunk in the line problem than a gunk in the pot problem or so I'm told as I am investigating for a fellow finisher. thanks again!

From contributor ro

Hi Nick,
A lot of the debris is from the hose and pickup tube. When you clean a tank by running thinner through it, the cleaner normally runs through the center of the hose and the laquer and paints start to line and dry on the walls of the hose. In time the paint starts to flake off. That is why it is best to have a filter on the gun.

From contributor Sh

The one I listed above goes inline right at the fluid entrance of the gun and has several different mesh sizes available and its very affordable 28.00 plus the filters.....and its for low pressure setups hvlp and pressure pot etc etc

From contributor Da

Shane, have you actually used that filter? That looks like something I would like to try.