Installing Full Extension Slides

Tips for setting drawer slides in face-frame cabinets. June 5, 2006

I need mount some KV side mount full extension slides and have done very few of them. I have a customer that had some extra slides and wants to use this type. I'm not sure what product number they are. Is there a way to mount these things that I'm unaware of? I guess I'm looking for the easy way or a short cut if there is one. Is there a jig out there that will make the install quicker or easier? The drawer boxes will have overlay fronts if that makes much of a difference.

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From contributor S:
We use KV's almost exclusively. You don't mention if you're doing face frames or not, but it really doesn't matter either way. If you are building with FF's, KV's have a full extension model that has an integrated FF bracket that makes installation a breeze. MacMurray Pacific has them listed as 8400B, and I'm pretty sure they use the manufacturer's model number so it should match up. They even come with a back bracket to mount the rear of the slide to the back of the cabinet.

If you're building euro-boxes then there are a lot of after-market jigs around. There's one that I've seen but haven't tried yet that's basically two blue plastic tri-squares clamped to the front of the cabinet. You rest the drawer boxes on the squares, extend the slides out and screw them to the boxes. It looks like it'd square everything right up, assuming the squares are true to begin with.

From contributor J:
Many of these guys probably have quicker, easier ways than me but here's how I do it with face frame cabinets: I build a U-shaped plywood frame that extends all the way to the back of the cabinet with the back part of the U (cross member) exactly the size of the drawer opening. Next I attach the slides to the side of the frame allowing the slide to extend 5/8" past the front of the frame. This 5/8" protrusion will sit on the lower edge of the face frame. Then I put the whole thing in the cabinet and attach the slide (not the plywood) to the side edge of the face frame. There should be one screw hole near the front of the slide to use for this purpose. The next step is to put the drawer in the slides and see how she opens and closes. I move the back part of the U however I need to until the drawer can move freely. Once it's moving freely, I put a couple of screws through the cross member into the back of the cabinet and we're done. This sounds like a lot of trouble, but I can put a drawer in, start to finish, in about 10 minutes (as long as the drawer is not too narrow or wide).

From the original questioner:
I failed to mention that they are faceframe cabinets. Skip, are my slides likely to be the ones that you’re talking about? It seems there are so many it will blow your mind. Jack, funny you mention that method because that's how I install the slides I use now. I wasn't for sure if it would work on these. Where do these things mount onto the drawer box?

From contributor B:
On most full extension slides, if you set the drawer member up 1/4" from the bottom of the drawer and set the other member flush with the top of the FF rail, they will work out just like your epoxy coated 2/3 extension slides. Also, make your plywood rippings for your "U" 1 3/4" wide and you won't need left and right members. Hardware will be flush top and bottom of those plywood rips.

From contributor D:
I know the KV 8400 series has 3/4 extension and I have to order 8405 to get full extension. You might check to see if that FF slide has to be an 8405B to be full extension.

From contributor S:
I gave the wrong model number for the KV full extension FF slides. My vendor has it listed as the 8409B, which is described as the "face frame version of KV 8400". It includes the 8402 adjustable rear bracket.

JT - you can tell the FF slides pretty easily by the flexible mounting "ears" on the front of the slide. If yours don't have it, you can buy the FF mounting bracket separately, but I don't know the number off the top of my head.

From contributor I:
There seems to be a bit of confusion on KV's 8400 series slides.

Here is a quick list that I hope will help.
KV 8400 series Part number clarification:
8401: Rear mounting bracket for 8400 slides, (not to be used with self-closing models). 2" Rear flange for easy installation, slightly more expensive, great for beginners.
8402: Same as 8401 but rear flange is not as long, less expensive.
8403: Same as 8402 but will also work with the Self-closing models. (my recommendation, one bracket to rule them all)
8404: Front face frame bracket for all 8400 series slides.
8400: Full-Extension Ball Bearing Slide
8405: Same as 8400, but with 1" over-travel.
8407: Same as 8400 but with shelf tabs.
8409: Same as 8400 but with front and rear brackets included.
8414: Same as 8400 but with hold-out detent.
8417: Self-Closing version of 8400, but the side clearance needed is slightly more.
8419: Same as 8417 but with 1" over-travel.
The 8300 series of slides are 3/4 extension, not 8400 series.

From contributor F:
I use 8405's regularly and on faceframe cabs. I tend to flush out unfinished ends and dividers, and with using 1 11/2" face frame parts for dividers I then can grab some 3/4" ply scrap and use that as a filler for the gap side. I take a square draw a line, mount the guides. I don't use the brackets. Also I tend to make the drawer slightly undersized and tweak the bendable tabs. Then fine tune them when setting the drawer.