Investing in an RF gluer

Is it worth it? Pros share opinions. May 10, 2005

We are a small, 2-man shop doing a lot of raised panel doors and ends thinking of purchasing a RF gluer. I'm currently using bar clamps. Has anyone done this and how much did it increase your production?

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From contributor J:
I switched to a RF gluer many years ago for door, not panel, assembly. I got tired of waiting for clamps to be free, holding up assembly. With an RF unit, clamp the door, zap the corners, unclamp the door and go on to the next one. After about 10 minutes, the doors are ready for the sander. I am also a two person shop. I do not know if you will have the same time savings with raised panel blanks, but I suspect you will. One item here; the glue tends to boil as it is drying. The ooze-out needs to be cleaned off, so add in a bit of time for scraping or added sanding belts depending upon your process.

From contributor F:
I recently acquired a Mann Russell 25x46 RF Gluer; not cheap, but works well. Before, I used a Wood Welder by Workrite, which can be had for around 750.00 used. I spot welded the glued up panels while in the clamps, and it worked well.