Is It Worth It To Order Pre-cut Drawers?


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I am going to be remodeling my kitchen and have yet to hire a contractor. In my research, I am finding that I can order dovetailed drawers online and am wondering if this is a good way of saving money when completely redoing a kitchen (over having dovetailed drawers made locally?) Any thoughts or rants welcome.

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I'll assume you're building the cabinets...correct? Price it both ways and see if it pencils in you favor.
FWIW, I order drawers from adjacent state even though I could get similar locally. Priced closely, costs me freight, saves me driving, but a better product and I like the vendor.

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Depends on the shops efficiency and tooling. We are set up for it so we make all of our dovetail drawers. A shop 1/2 hour away from us isn't set up so they have us make their drawers.

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Blake, this is not a homeowner or do it yourself site. You might want to look at Fine for you discussion.

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Ah, ok, thanks for the replies and I'll ask over there.

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a qualified professional would want to source their own drawers. They will have the experience to know what manufacturer has the right product, for the job, as well as the ability to get the order right the first try.

I don't Mean to offend but it sounds like the way this project is being approached in an attempt to save money only does so at the risk of costing more in the big picture.

The reality.

I know of zero qualified cabinetmakers that would take on a project where a homeowner were supplying their own materials, drawers/doors, hardware, etc... Even for a refacing job. When we have to come in and fix the whole mess after the handyman is done with it, we would charge even more.

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I have been an avid woodweb proffesional for as long as the site had been here and have rarely found consumers looking for advice asking questions. When they occasionally do so, I think it is better advertising for those of us in the know to help someone out and offer good advise instead of sending them to another site. I have often been chosen by a consumer to build a 30k kitchen because I was the only shop willing to repair his dining room chair, or offered to explain the difference to a novice between melamine and MDF. With all respect BruceH, why send someone elsewhere when he can be guided to one of our own, or even yourself if that persons in your location?

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Peter is right by saying price it out a few different ways and see what works best.
I buy most of my drawer boxes, some big company a few provinces over from me builds them for cheap.
No matter where you are located you can find a similar big company. The drawers show up, solid wood, dovetailed, finished, with the Blum clips on them, I can't come close to competing with them, most people can't .

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First step is talking with your contractor. Most contractors will have vendors they prefer, know the quality levels etc. I personally wouldn't use a contractor that makes his own cabinets on site. I doubt that you can save $ by buying the drawers yourself.