Is Sassafras Suitable for Flooring

Sassafras is an attractive wood, but probably too soft to use for flooring. May 11, 2008

I have a considerable amount of very nice sassafras. I am considering using it as flooring. I have never worked any before, but from what I understand, it is a very durable species. Any thoughts?

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From contributor C:
I have seen this used for fence rails primarily, but it's not so common. With that said, used it on a countertop for wall unit - great looking stuff, and it's held up great for a year plus now, but nobody is walking on it either.

From contributor H:
I have never heard of it used as flooring. It is not that common in good quantity. It is the best substitute for chestnut. I would think of better things to use it for.

From the original questioner:
I agree. It is of such good quality and quantity that it deserves a good use. Flooring was the best I could come up with, if suitable. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

From contributor J:
I have seen it used in a number of turned objects - it is very good looking wood. Wouldn't mind a floor made out of it.

From contributor O:
I've done only one small furniture project with sassafras. It struck me as far too soft for flooring.

From contributor P:
It is beautiful stuff, but much too soft for a floor. I was part of a huge cabinet job in sass several years ago. We all concurred that the material was just too soft for use in high traffic areas, or anyplace it could get dinged up easily, which it does. Note: the dust is toxic. Smells good, but can be a problem.

From contributor L:
I've made a few things with it, but I agree it is too soft for flooring. It carves really nicely, is easy to work, doesn't rot, and smells good; do any of these suggest a better use?

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Comment from contributor D:
I have seen it used as flooring on numerous occasions. It is a little soft, but not anymore so than yellow pine or white pine. I believe you just have to consider how much use it is going to get. It does make an attractive floor.