Jig for beaded faceframes

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Photographs of a shop-built jig. June 4, 2003

(From WOODWEB's Cabinetmaking Forum)
Here are some pictures of my jig for beaded face frames. This one is my 2nd prototype and is much easier to set up and change. It is based on a 50" square extrusion and I have built additional stops for creating drawer stacks and such. I still use the end miter setup (pictures are in the knowledge base) from the first jig, as it works well and I had no reason to change it. Overall this jig works great and is fast and accurate.

Here's another view:

(See pictures of another jig here)

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Comment from contributor A:
Don't you get tearout? I would suggest making the maple jig come out as far as the long edge of the miter. This would create a backer to eliminate tearout.