Jpeg File Conversion To Dxf


From original questioner:

Can anyone explain the process in which to convert a jpeg image like a PDF file so AutoCAD can open it?

What are the steps?


From contributor Do

Essentially you must import into a cad or cam program and trace over it unless it is a vector image. Jpeg is a raster, a bunch of pixels. You can use auto-tracing to some degree of success but you'll still end up cleaning up all of the little squiggly lines that are created that are not useful for machining.

It's better to trace over an image with splines and/or poly-lines so you can move around the control points after you get a couple of rough sample points. More points = higher accuracy and resolution, but you don't want too many points to where you end up with millions of tiny lines.

If the image is already in a vector format or vector pdf (cad generated) you can convert it with various software.

From contributor Do

Vectric has a tutorial on the process using their software. You can also do the same thing with Ink scape (open source project).

Alternatively you can use a reference image in Autocad, Draftsight, etc. and then trace over on a separate layer.

From contributor Sa

Thank you. I will try this.


From contributor E

There are a lot of pdf to dwg converters out there. I use one called "any pdf to dwg converter". It's not perfect, you have to scale the drawing, everything is on 3 layers, things go wonky, etc, but it's better than drawing from scratch