Keeping the Spraygun Tip Clean

Tips for a clean tip. May 21, 2009

For those using water borne finishes; how do you deal with the fast build-up in/around the gun's horn's, needle assembly and everywhere else the finish can find a home? I use an Apollo sprayer/gun and itís a pain to continuously remove the build-up during spraying and in-between coats. Any thoughts?

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From contributor A:
I use a toothbrush or nylon brush for tip every time I stop spraying and sit down gun. The needle nut wants to be just the right tightness that prohibits material from getting out. A little Vaseline on the needle where it passes through nut helps so you can tighten up nut. I have 5100 series gun.

From contributor K:
Different products are better than others about buildup. I switched to Targets products and rarely have any problems.

From contributor J:
I haven't had leakage around the needle, but the air horns are an issue sometimes. I often store my cap in solvent while waiting between coats. I've also noticed that I don't always get the buildup on the horns, even when working with the same finish. I think it has something to do with the air pressure I'm using, but I'm not a super-experienced finisher and haven't nailed down the relevant variables.

From the original questioner:
Thanks guys. For whatever reason removing the cap and putting it in DNA or similar never crossed my mind. I'm using the 7500series on their 825 turbine. I only spray the same WB finish in this gun and nothing else. I use a separate Capspray turbine for stains and paints. No contamination.

From contributor A:
I bought that gun and sent it back. I was using compressed air not a turbine. I think it was designed more for turbine than either or. The cap on that gun is much more intricate than their older guns. My air cap horn never really gets clogged, just the tip. I wish they made a gravity style in the 5000 series.

From contributor J:
I was spraying Sherwin Williams water reducible lacquer, and I was getting a build up in the air cap ever couple of minutes. The SW sales guy had me mix butyl cellosolve and water and add this in a very small amount to retard drying it helped tremendously. But I can't recall the proportions anymore. It may be something to ask about.