Killing Cull Trees

Tips on knocking out the unwanted saplings on a growing timber lot. April 18, 2009

I was talking to a forester and he said he had an E-Z-Ject Lance and he said he could use it to kill the cull trees on my place. Has anyone here ever seen or used one? I was wondering how well they worked

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From contributor Z:
You might do a search on Hack and Squirt method. All it takes is a sharp hatchet and a squirt bottle with the correct chemical. Low up front cost to kill trees 4" DBH and larger. You might want to have your state forester visit you on your forest land also.

From the original questioner:
I did that on ten acres and I thought the E-Z would speed things up on the rest of the acres.

From contributor M:
The E-Z-Ject is a five foot long tube about 1-1/2" diameter holding 400 capsules. To use, you hold the end against the tree and push on it and a .22 cartridge is pushed into the bark of the tree. It is a very easy and efficient way to cull trees. Hack and squirt can over spray and kill surrounding vegetation plus if it rains it washes the chemical away. It was designed primary for culling unwanted trees while reforestation takes place.

From contributor S:
Is this the mechanism from Monsanto? If it is, we experimented with it to treat 5-3 acre sites in the early 90's. We used it on aspen that were overtopping softwood. It proved ineffective. If I was to thin young stands with stump diameters less than 5 inches, Id use a spacing saw. But, it depends on your acreage.

From contributor C:
Two words: copper nails. They work great. The bigger the tree, the more nails needed. For those people with saw mills, the copper dissolves in the tree. It takes about two years to work though.