Kiln Baffle Material

Canvas or carpet works well for directing air through the wood stack in a kiln. January 14, 2009

My solar kiln is in desperate need of some end baffles to direct flow through the lumber stack and not around it. What is everyone currently using?

Forum Responses
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From contributor m:
My kiln is still in design, but I was planning on using heavy duty tarps.

From contributor S:
I do not have one of these. I would assume your fan sources are on the edge/ends directly pointed at the wood stack. Air fans, or boat propellers for that matter have a very small spread angle (the forced air mostly goes straight).

From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
When lumber length is standard, people have used plywood hinged to the wall. Otherwise, heavy canvas as stated.

From contributor D:
Although I haven't found them yet - my plan was to install accordion style room dividers and attach them to the wall. This would allow me to pull them out flush with the edge of the lumber. This is if I can find material that is acceptable for use in kiln conditions. Until then, plywood will have to suffice.

From contributor A:
I use old carpet. I have a piece that is hanging below the fans that drops down on the pile after loaded. On the ends is some that is sandwiched between two 1x4's hinged to the wall and then you can pull it out to the end of the pile. Berber from a hallway is just right. Price is right and you can get lots of it and most carpet stores will give it to you. If you make about seven or eight folds over a saw horse you have a good bow target to shoot arrows into. When you need more just go back to the store and get some. Mine works well in the kiln and target range. It's like recycling.