Kremlin AAA Spray Pump Is Skip Spraying


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Hi, I've got a Kremlin 20:25 AAA spray pump that is skip spraying. Guys sometimes call it "winking". If I'm not mistaken, it does it every time the piston starts to stroke downward. Every time I hear the piston change direction and start downward, the finish coming out of the gun will stall for just a quick second. It is definitely aggravating when you are spraying a large cabinet. Do you guys know what I need to do to fix it? I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

From contributor Bo

Your pump would be skipping a stoke if you have a stuck ball.

take the bottom foot valve off and clean it out.
Put back together and you should be good to go.
If you leave the pump in the down stoke when not being used overnight or for the weekend, it would help to prevent this form happening in the future

From contributor he

did it just start doing it , winking or did it just coming up

two things, like bob said, clean out the bottom ball check, take your time removing the clip that holds it in, it can be a pia
good luck

herb j

From contributor La

Thanks guys. I appreciate your advice. I took the lower part of the pump off and took the lower ball out. I checked everything and everything seemed to be fine and was totally clean. I ended up taking the pump to my local repair shop this afternoon. It turns out that there was a small crack in a plastic air fitting. It was a 90 fitting that came on the pump from the factory. The repairman said that he had seen that happen before. I guess it was sucking air through that crack in the fitting as it cycled. If anyone else has this problem, you might want to check your air fittings. It was a fitting on the right side, as you face the pump. Thanks again, guys.


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thanks for letting us know very interesting learn something new every day

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You are welcome. Hopefully, that information will help some other folks.