LF Screwdrivers With Better Tips.


From original questioner:

I like to keep a set of screwdrivers in my bag, for hardware installation & other visible fasteners, only. In other words these get treated as a sacred tool. (nobody borrows them, and they get used for hardware only, not as beaters.)

Tried Craftsman, Stanley, even Klein, and some hyped up imported screwdrivers from a woodworking catalog. None seem to have held up well, and the tips (especially philips, or pozi) tend to wear out. Flat heads seem to last OK.

Seriously about to flag down a snap on truck and try some of those. So far nothing I have been able to find at the box, or hardware stores seems to be better than average.

From contributor Je

I bought a couple orange handled Pozi drivers from my hardware supplier some years back and they still work as good as new. Don't know if they were made by/for Blum or some other company, but you'll never find it in a Borg. Skip the box stores and try your hardware supplier.

good luck,

From contributor Ha

i second jeffs comment. My blum positives have lasted forever. They are the only ones you will ever need for hinge and plate adjustments. We only use blum Inserta hinges and the 2part baseplates that have the expands dowels, and a posed rive is all we ever need. We also only use square drive screws for cabinet assembly and installations and I have found #2 square drive bits at the dollar store or harbor freight at 5 for $1.00 that last just as long as the more expensive bits. Besides, my guys are always losing them anyway or throwing them in the tool bags or in the screw bins. After a typical 3 day install of kitchen, bath and closets in a condo, I dump the bags out on their workbenches and show them the 15 bits they couldn't find, along with 5 assorted rolls of fast cap tape or 2 rolls of electrical tape.
As a matter of fact, we can probably start a great thread on this subject!!!
I will do a new posting now on the subject!

From contributor Da

I have a small set of "Wera" screwdrivers that I got at Woodcraft. The tips have groves etched into them that help grip worn screws.