Lacquer Build Up


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I use a pre catalyzed lacquer. Is straight lacquer that I need to add catalyst to, "thicker"? Does is go on thicker, thus requiring fewer coats? Also is a gravity gun adequate for spraying lacquer on cabinet face frames and doors? I'm looking at a SATA


From contributor ni

Get a hold of the product data sheet (most companies have these accessible online) for the material you're using and what you're planning on using and look for % of solids. The higher the percent the more build.
Sata makes incredible spray guns, I have a 2000B (new model is a 1000B) I spray solvent conversion varnish with on small jobs and it works great.

From contributor Ni

Thanks Nick,

% of solids? So could you or would you rather spray more thin coats or less thick coats? Does the lacquer that has higher % of solids work better on edges and vertical surfaces?

From contributor ri

I'm confused. You are talking about precat, then asking about straight lacquer that is catalyzed, then lacquer for cabinets. You can't catalyze straight lacquer, if you mean nitrocellulose, or acrylic modified. I'm no fan of any kind of lacquer on kitchen cabinets if that is the type of cabinet you are talking about.