Laminate Trimmer Bits: Sharpen or Toss?

Here are a couple of alternatives to buying new trimmer bits every few jobs. June 10, 2006

Does anyone here sharpen your router bits? I do a lot of laminate work and go though a ton of bits. I would like to sharpen some, but you sharpen a bearing bit won't it be shy of the bearing? Or does everyone else just keep buying $20 flush trim bits every few jobs?

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From contributor J:
Check with Amana they make or at least used to, trim bit that uses replaceable carbide blades. I have one and it is great. Each blade has 2 edges so you loosen the set screw, turn it around and away you go. When it’s finally dull you can get rid of it and open a pack of replacements, and you’re ready to go again.

From the original questioner:
What about all other bits other than flush or straight? Does anyone ever get their bits sharpened?

From contributor J:
Other than honing while using them I toss them. The bearing is always suspect after the use it up to the time the bit got dull. If you sharpen the bit then the diameter is off and you have to find a bearing that is the same diameter as the sharpened bit which is most likely impossible.

From contributor R:
We sharpen them and use the laminate guide - Porter Cable # 73100