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Tip on laminating with Azek. August 27, 2013

Does anyone have experience with laminating Azek? Our shop is making a large crown molding 2"x5"(aprox) in 12' lengths. We need to laminate three pieces of Azek together to achieve this. There are a few brands making a two-part system that mixes in the tube, but the open time does not exceed eight minutes and they are costly. Workability and strength is crucial. Plus, we'd like the bond to hold for as long as the Azek lasts. If anyone could offer insight into what type of glue is the best for this application we'd be much obliged.

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From contributor J:
Whenever I laminate Azek I just use the Azek glue, which is basically just PVC glue. It takes 24 hours or so to dry. The two part glue is really expensive and I have had items come unglued with that. I believe that the problem was not getting the parts clamped quick enough since the open time is so short. With that being said I would not even try the quick setting glue for three part 12' long parts.