Laminating Large Sheets On Walls


From original questioner:

I have been asked to install laminate over existing laminate on some commercial use walls. I have done allot of full up back splashes, but need some advice on gluing a 5x12 sheet to a wall. Back splashes I ussally set them on wet contact adhesive and wait for them to flash off before sticking it. I have heard you can use a tile of flooring adhesive? with the ability to move them around a bit before they are set. ALl replies are appreaciated.

From contributor Pa

I have used Visqueen in this situation.

From contributor gr

You mean plastic? 6 mil 1 mil or what? IS that your slip sheet? How to keep it from
tearing on pull out. Please Expand.

From contributor Pa

I think it was the heavier material. It did not tear on pullout we used fast bond 30 it does not grab as much.

From contributor ha

If you can talk them into a upgrade then use 1/2 and z clips--next time they want to change all they have to do is take t he panals down have them recovered and bingo