Layout Dilemma: Lazy Susans Versus Blind Corners

Cabinetmakers puzzle over the question of fitting a sink and storage into a tight space. April 18, 2011

After a one month dry spell I landed a job that I bid a year ago. I need to use a 33''SB in order to keep it centered up and shove it beside a LS corner base that I shrink down a couple of inches.

What is the minimum clearance on an SS undermount kitchen sink? I'm thinking 33'' between gables but I need it to be less, and I canít contact the granite guy that normally furnishes and installs them for me. My other option is 36'' SB with a wide stile on the end that butt's it into a blind corner, which really seems like the way to go. Any thoughts?

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From contributor G:
We have made narrow sink bases and notched out the ends of it and even the ends of the cabinets next to it to make clearance for the sink.

From contributor F:
You need to have a sink spec'd first. Different size sinks will fit in different size cabinets. The only space you need between the gables is enough for the sink undermount flanges, plus a little wiggle room.

From the original questioner:
I have jig-sawed them out myself along with having to get into the gable of the cabinet next to it while destroying the top drawer, just because the customer refused to spend a few more dollars on a 30'' sink, and I donít want to go down that road again. Itís 49'' from the corner to the center of a 42'' window opening. I had convinced myself to just go with a 50'' sink base and blind corner instead of building a smaller sized LazySuzan corner base, and sweating this sink clearance issue.

From contributor L:
I'm with you on this one. If there is money saved from the LazySusan you might put into a blind corner swing out hardware setup, otherwise just blank off the last foot of the corner. Typical LazySusan's don't save any space over just blanking off the entire corner.

Do the math - sometimes on the number of sq. inches of shelf on the LS VS the area on the cabinet space after the blank corner is designed. You actually gain a drawer. This assumes correct kitchen design and not trying to use two really narrow cabinets in place of the LS but adding that LS space to the next cabinets. I'd rather have drawer stacks than door bases with few exceptions. Personally I can't get hung up on compromising the layout just to center the sink on the window. But if you have a designer mentality to deal with instead of a cook give her whatever she is willing to pay for after being shown some options.