Leaving Finish in a Pressure Pot: How Long?

Is it safe to leave paint or lacquer in a spray setup overnight? September 3, 2011

Though I have not done it I was wondering how long I can leave lacquer, paint, etc. in the pressure pot, hose, and gun before cleaning? I have some waterbourne paint I will be spraying soon and with the 6- 8 hour time before re-coat it will be the next day. I was thinking it would be nice to not have to do a cleaning of all the stuff. Also, does anyone have any suggestions regarding a cleaning procedure for the water base material? Water alone does not seem to do an adequate job.

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From contributor C:
I leave my 5 gal pot with finish in it if I will be spraying the same coating within about a week. With WB I found that I get a lot of build up and dried gunk where the material line meets the gun. I simply remove the fluid line and run a brush through the clog and clean that little area that tends to dry up. Then she is good to go. For the coatings I use I dilute Butyl Cellosolve with water and do a full clean and flush of the whole system after I am done with it for that kitchen. I found that keeping pressure in the pot also limited the amount of junk to clean and usually I don't have to do anything other than wipe the tip and go. It is preferred to clean the system after every use, but if time is an issue and your coming back tomorrow I would let it go. Just be sure to soak or clean the air cap.

From contributor J:
It will probably be alright overnight. If your pressure pot isn't stainless or if your pickup tube isn't stainless it can corrode and spit black chunks with water-base. Any time you don't clean your spray equipment you are taking a chance with your final finish and it's a lot easier to clean than it is to repair a finish.

From contributor W:
I prefer to clean the spraying equipment every time I finish my job. It is much safer to our equipment.