Limiting Door Swing

Rawhide makes a nice site-installed restraint to keep doors from opening too wide. August 30, 2010

I have installed a new kitchen. I have teenage children who might swing open these inset cabinet doors and damage the adjoining cabinet door. Can anyone recommend a decent door stop that can be adjusted for each door (some would open 90 degrees some 170, etc.)?

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From contributor J:
Use a thin piece of rope or rawhide attached to the door and the inside of the face frame - or train those kids!

From contributor O:
Sounds like your cabs are in, so the best system is what others have suggested. If you are a cab builder or a shop owner, this is one trick way to go. Look up your mepla distributor and ask about concealed hinges and plates that mount to back of your faceframe. That is unless you have to use old style butt hinges by spec. The hinge stops at certain specified angles. You will have to use stops in the cabinet to keep your doors flush with the face, since the hinges are self closing.

From contributor P:
Iíve used a small piece over chain. Attach one screw behind the face frame and the other to the hinge. When you learn how to open the door right you can remove the chain and not have holes on the inside face of the door.

From the original questioner:
The rawhide strips worked great! Thanks for the idea! Case (and door) closed!