Lips on Lazy Susan Trays

Cabinetmakers share ideas for making the edge lip for a lazy Susan tray. October 8, 2005

For those of you who make your own lazy susan trays, how do you prefer to make the lip?

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From contributor R:
I do medium end cabinets, not high-end cabinets for the big, million dollars houses. That said, I use a brass colored 2 metal strip I get at a sheet metal shop attached with evenly spaced brass screws. Customers seem to like it.

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From contributor M:
Are these brass strips an extruded dimensional product, or just sheet metal which has been breaked at a width you specify? It looks great in the photo. Also, I used to do susans with a pivot pole, but found that it was much easier overall to just use a cheap 12" diameter ball bearing swivel below the bottom shelf and then to attach the top shelf to the bottom one with risers. You don't have to worry about attaching the top of the pivot pole to anything.

From contributor R:
Yes, they are just sheet metal which has been breaked at a width you specify. Not sure what you mean by "attach the top shelf to the bottom one with risers." Could you be more specific? Does this mean the second shelf in not adjustable for height?

From contributor T:
I laminate mine. Here's the mockup.

Here's the jig. I use a band clamp.

From contributor M:
You're right - the top shelf is not adjustable the way I do it.

From contributor P:
I make a fixed center shelf. I set the 30" or so diameter shelf on a 12" turntable, and attach a 1 1/2" wide x 1/4" thick veneer plywood strip around the perimeter, with a couple of cut outs to clean out crumbs.