Lumber grading guidelines

Where to find basic information on lumber grades and lumber grading. August 10, 2000

Is there any good literature on lumber grading guidelines, how to grade your lumber roughly as you cut it, dry it, or before you sell it?

I would like to learn what the requirements are for different grades of lumber so as to make better decisions on lumber value while I am cutting it. Are there courses available?

If you are concerned about hardwood lumber, the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) has everything you need. Illustrated booklets, videos, several-day short courses (all over the U.S. and Canada), three-month classes, whatever! Memphis, TN. 901-377-1818.
Gene Wengert, forum moderator

There are some specific guidelines for pine, but the problem is that you cannot "grade stamp" your lumber unless you are certified.

Certification not only costs money but you pay a surcharge to the certifying agency for all the lumber cut off your mill. The better way is to get a general standard and sell lumber based on your best estimate of quality.

Where the grade stamp is required, contact the local agent and pay to have a specific amount graded and stamped. They can do as much as 20,000 board feet a day. (So you may note, they aren't really interested in the small operations.)