Mach 3 Vs Syntec


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Thinking of flat table router to augment our other CNC machines. Both controllers are available on machines I am looking at, but have not used either one. Syntec looks more like an industrial control but the user interface looks easy to use on Mach 3. What are advantages disadvantages to either one? I guess both will support tool changer but what about added drill bank? Looks like Aspire will post to either.

Paul R

From contributor Re

I have a Laguna CNC that originally came with Mach.

We had nothing but problems, that were caused by running the control system on windows. Most of these would go away with a reboot.

Since upgrading to a dedicated control system (B&R) the machine has been bomb proof.

That said, I believe there are many who operate Mach without the problems that I experienced. But I would always opt for dedicated control systems over PC based.

From contributor Jo

Mach is known for problems running on computers when other things are running in the background. You can only run Mach and nothing else. A lot of windows things needs to be disabled to avoid problems It is a total software product. I haven't dealt with Syntech. But the biggest problem I see with it is the support available and how to run it. It doesn't come with clear instructions from my understanding.

I have had excellent results using the WinCNC pc based controller. This actually has a dedicated card in the PC that controls the machine. The software talks to it and works the way Mach does and looks very similar. So it is easy to use. Because of this card, you don't have problems with the computer and can actually use the computer for other things with the machine running.

Johann Huck
The Machine Warehouse, LLC.

From contributor De

I had a Fulltech CNC using a Syntec controller and I had zero problems running the machine. It is and industrial controller not a Windows. When I purchase my next router it will have a Syntec controller on it. The only other one from what I see out there would be the Osai 10 controller.

From contributor Si

Stay away from B&R controllers, despite what the previous poster said. They have major bugs in EVERY aspect of BASIC CNC functionality. Laguna tools has no business trying to program their own controllers. Their B&R controller software is the clumsiest and most bug filled CNC software I've seen. I'd rather be using TurboCNC with it's old DOS, character based interface, at least that works correctly!

From contributor La

We've had two machines with Fanuc controls with no problems. We are currently looking at a machine with Syntec control. Are they any good? A mach to Fanuc?