Maintaining CNC Lube Systems

Oil lines and valves need inspection and occasionally have to be replaced. February 12, 2010

It seems the auto lube system on the tool changer side of my Komo TG Solution 5x12 isnít working. The oil on the rail is almost nonexistent and there appears to be patches of wear or corrosion. Is there any way to check this out myself to make sure it is or is not malfunctioning? Thanks for your input.

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From contributor S:
First - is it using oil from the tank? There could be clogged or broken lines-hoses. Second, there should be a set screw to adjust how much oil it sends daily. I fill my tank about every other month. Doesnít Komo offer free lifetime phone support on their solution series?

From the original questioner:
It uses oil from the tank, and Iíve checked for broken or clogged lines anywhere I can see. Where is this screw to adjust the output? We got our machine used and not from Komo so we donít have the unlimited phone service.

From contributor S:
Mine is a Bijur brand and is about 8"x8"x6" and has a rubber cap that covers an Allen adjuster with a lock nut. Itís on the top towards the right rear corner, then a sticker on the back referring to cc of oil used per cycle.

From the original questioner:
I assume this will change the overall output correct? Everywhere except the left rail (the right one isnít the best either) seems to be fine like the lead screws and such. I will give it a shot though. Do you have any more suggestions if that doesn't work?

From contributor S:
I wouldnít turn it too much, it changes quick and you will have oil everywhere. If there is oil elsewhere, you might have a clogged line or weak line. See if you can free it up, itís most likely the nozzle thatís plugged. Pop off the line and run some air through them see what happens.

From the original questioner:
Thank you much for the input I will try that. If it is the nozzle how should I go about cleaning it out? The line itself doesn't sound too difficult but I'm not sure how the nozzles are put together.

From contributor R:
It sounds like oil is getting everywhere except to certain locations. There are usually metering valves at each bearing that controls the amount of oil. These need to be replaced at certain intervals. I would first do a thorough inspection of all the lines and bearings and see if you are not leaking somewhere, this is usually the case. If you have oil in the line up to a bearing but no oil delivery is present, probably the metering valve.