Making Soundproof Studio Doors

Quick tips on making a door that will keep sound in (or out). September 7, 2013

Has anyone made any slab doors for sound studios? One option I have is using green glue as a middle layer between two sheets of blockboard. Another option is a sheet of rubberized acoustic treatment with two blockboards. Both doors will have timber edge strips and veneered faces. There are assemblies that can be purchased but we are being told by two companies that there are no issues to make them up.

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From contributor L:
Even small gaps allow significant sound to escape. The instructor had a great little device to illustrate the importance of seal when I took acoustics. A loud buzzer inside of a cushioned box with a lid that could be opened a very small amount. It left a lasting impression!

From contributor A:
Dis-similar planes. The acoustic wave that gets through a material at one angle will get through it again if it's at the same angle. Make the second layer a different angle and the acoustic wave will get broken up more. It's why recording studio glazing is angled.