Managing Edgebander Outfeed in a Small Shop

Ideas for a simple automated setup to catch parts before they fall off the end of the edgebander, without tying up a worker's time. December 31, 2012

I have a Brandt edgebander and one helper in my shop. I can only load about three parts in a row into the machine before I have to go grab them before they hit the floor. I can't afford to have my helper catch the parts as we are just too busy. But, I can't keep wearing myself out by running back and forth from one end to the other either. Does anybody have an idea for an out feed table for an edgebander? A return carriage is out of the question as far as space goes

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From contributor D:
I replaced the three foot cord on mine with 15' cords so they can be placed at the end of the bander and be raised or lowered from the infeed end. When running similar sized parts you can run 15-20 pieces in a row without having to walk down to the other end. It works great and is a huge time saver.

From contributor L:
They make lifts that will automatically increment down as parts are added. Parts need to be similar in size for each load. We used a flat cart on the forks of the catch lift so we could lower it to the floor and move the cart to the beginning for doors or to the bench for assembly. The catch with the cart was the bending over to pick parts.

It's probably worth it to have your helper speed up the banding process by catching then both of you go do something else. Small banders tend to be kind of slow on their feed rates so I can see where you are coming from. The catch guy should be sorting parts as they come off.

From contributor Z:
A simple outfeed table is what I use, except for very long parts like 6'wall unit doors which can only be done one at a time. Most parts will be pushed down the line by the part coming after. I have my bander and slider facing each other in a direct line. The slider has an 8'outfeed and the bander has a 5' outfeed. The dust collector is in between with remote starters at each machine. I can feed 5 30"long base side panels by myself before I have to offload. We are three in the shop so this is not usually an issue.