Managing Static Dust when Spraying Finish

Suggestions for reducing dust contamination of surfaces being sprayed. April 19, 2011

Iím having a problem with airborne dust settling and contaminating CV finish. Is anyone familiar with static eliminator air guns? The product is ML Krystal, I use siphon gun in a spray booth.

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From contributor P:
Is your piping system grounded at the spray booth?

From contributor B:
I've been told that air pressure for blowing off substrates prior to and during the finishing process should not be higher than 35 psi. Don't know if that will make any difference or not. I've tried it in a shop or two and really didn't see a great difference. I do know the static eliminator guns work, and work well. I see this problem more in the winter and I think it's because of the lower humidity in the shops. I am sure others here have some great ideas that I've not tried.

From contributor G:
You could try Endust.

From contributor J:
Endust is all I use now for tacking a surface off and it does remove static. It has helped me a lot on my auto finishes, especially plastic bumpers where static is a problem. I've never had a problem using Endust.

From contributor M:
Contributor J - do you know if Endust is compatible with water based finishes?

From contributor J:
Iíve never used water based so don't know, but auto finishes are pretty sensitive so I wouldn't think it a problem.