Metal Detector Sensitivity and Power

You can see pretty deep into a log for some reasonable coin. May 18, 2010

What manufacturers have an inexpensive ($500 and under) metal detector that penetrates the log for metal, that really works?

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From contributor T:
I use a Garrett, Ace 250. I have 2 other more expensive detectors for hobby use and the Ace 250 is a backup. I bought it from online for a little over $200. You can turn the sensitivity up and detect very small pieces of metal deep into a log. It works as well as my more expensive ones. The only downside is when the sensitivity is set high, you can get a false signal if you bump the coil on the log or ground.

From contributor E:
I have been using the Fisher 1212X for about 7 years. For around $150, it is hard to beat.

From the original questioner:
How deep will these detectors pick up an 8-penny nail in hardwood? Also, is there any way to mount these metal detectors onto a bandsaw so they are less handled and more precise in their reading?

From contributor E:
I think there is too much metal around the sawmill to use a metal detector.

From contributor T:
I check my logs before I load them on the mill. This detector will alert on a small staple 6-8 inches deep in the log.

From contributor B:
Three years back I went to Radio Shack with the intention of buying a $50 detector on the recommendation of a friend who runs mills in northern PA. They were sold out, and I had to spend heavy coin on the next model up - a whopping $100. Over the years it's missed only one piece of metal (could have been my fault on that one - but I won't admit it). It's found metal as deep as the center of an 18" locust tree - that happened to be a bullet. Sensitivity is adjustable, head tilts - both nice features. Scan logs before they get to the mill, as the mill will make it sing like crazy. Even with the log on the load arms, there's too much proximity to metal.

From contributor R:
Do you have a model for that Radio Shack one?

From contributor B:
Yup - Discovery 1100 by Bounty Hunter - even made in the USA to boot.