Microwaving Thermosets?

Thermoset glues and Radio Frequency - 1998

Q. Has the curing of themoset resin adhesive (Melurac 400) with microwaves has ever been tried? I have experimented with small scraps and it seems to work but I worry about the performance of the adhesive being affected.

A. Thermosetting resins such as ureas, melamines, and resorcinol/phenol resins are often used with radio frequency (RF) equipment in manufacturing.

RF curing is very similar to "microwaving." Basically, it's a convenient way to heat the glue line and speed the cure. Melamines and phenolics will not cure without the addition of heat while some urea resins will cure as low as 70 degrees F. RF gluing is one possible way of heating the glue line to either speed production or ensure curing. The adhesive performance is in no way affected.

Jeff Pitcher is Marketing Director for Custom-Pak Adhesives in Newark, Ohio.