Minimizing Overspray when Spraying Cabinet Box Interiors

If you can't spray with the backs off, here are some other tips to reduce "bounce-back" of the overspray. December 8, 2006

What is a good procedure for spraying the inside of a cabinet box? I use a HVLP gun. I always seem to get some overspray somewhere. Which sides first, and where do you place in the booth?

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From contributor R:
Leaving the backs off is the best tip of all.

From contributor J:
When I spray lacquer, I sand the last coat smooth, then spray a couple new coats
with a lot of retarder mixed in. It makes everything melt together real slick.

From contributor A:
I used to spray our cabinets with the backs on, and always had bounce back galore. So I tried leaving the backs off, and it cut the bounce back down by at least 90%. Try it.

From contributor G:
Our shop will not listen to me about backs off, so this is what works for me. Put cabinet on its back on a cart. Spray the bottom first (which actually is its back), then spray your sides, then your top edge. Because air can not swirl into the box very well, it stays wet longer.

From contributor R:
I hear your pain. It took me 3 years to convince the shop where I work to leave the backs off. What kind of coating are you using? WB, lacquer, etc.

From contributor T:
Try using a Kremlin Airmix. That will reduce the velocity of the coating from 30' per second to 2' per second. That makes a big difference in the cloud of bounce back overspray. Also, the Kremlin only uses 2 CFM, whereas an HVLP uses about 18 CFM. Less air volume means less overspray to get carried away by the release of the air.

From contributor G:
We use MVX aaa Kremlin, 10.14 pumps, #9 tips, and post-cat Chemcraft lacquer, pigmented and clears.

From contributor R:
Mohawk makes an aerosol product called No-Blush. When I have to spray in a closed area, I keep a can handy and after spraying, I mist some no-blush on the areas where I know there will be some overspray. Also, a little MAK in the lacquer will help.