Minimum Corner Radius for Laminate Edges

How tight can you bend it? Depends on the grade of laminate. Here are some tips for a tighter bend. April 20, 2011

I'm building a countertop for a bar with square edges. What is the minimum radius on 90 degree and 45 degree outside and inside corners so that the laminate will bend around them and stay affixed?

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From contributor G:
Really kind of depends on grade of laminate. My boss got me some Pionite today that is standard grade. Anything less than 3" and it gets to be quite a chore. He wants me to bend it around a two inch radius. Possible, but in no way fun/easy. I remember getting down to an inch inside radius a very long time ago, but that was a one-time thing and I wouldn't want to do it again.

From contributor B:
You can sand the back side of the laminate down pretty thin and that will help you bend a tighter radius. You can also heat the laminate with a heat gun as you bend it around the radius and that will help keep it from cracking and you can get down pretty tight. Postforming grade bends easier.