Miscellaneous Machinery

Descriptions of various machinery types that fall outside the main categories. November 12, 2008

Reprinted with permission from MLS Machinery, Inc.

These are machines for which we have no specific category and can be a very broad range of equipment. The following will cover a very general idea of some miscellaneous machines.

Hauncher Machines to cut out toe notches on, for example a kitchen cabinet or vanity. This is the cut out section on the floor of these cabinets so that you do not stub your toes against the cabinet every time you stand close to the cabinet. Toe notching machines are covered under Miscellaneous Saws as well.

Complete Parquet Flooring Lines - produce a complete parquet floor with numerous types of machines all in line with each other.

End Matching Machines - used for the flooring industry to make a tongue and groove on the ends of randomly cut floor boards.

Combination Machines - have four or five components in a single machine such a planer, a jointer, a small table saw, and a mortising machine all built into one machine, normally used for very small shops or proto-type shops.

Other miscellaneous machines comprise of the following Hanger Bolt Inserter, T-Nut Inserter, Portable Glue Pumps, Vacuum Fans and Material Handling Fans etc.

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