Mission Style Glass Panel Router Bit

Glass panel doors require a special cut on the frame stiles and rails, which calls for a custom-made router bit. March 3, 2009

I was looking at Freud's new glass panel bit set. This cuts a special groove for a flexible strip that holds in the glass and has a reverse cut for the rail end to makes a very strong glue joint. The only problem is that the bit produces an Ogee pattern and I need to match the more simple Mission Style pattern on the wood panel doors. So my question is, does anyone know of a Mission Style glass panel bit set similar to the Ogee style that Freud sells?

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From contributor D:
Make the door as if it had a panel, only substitute 1/4" glass for the panel. Use space balls and size your glass 1/8" small both in length and width. The bummer doing it this way is you need the glass before assembly. The benefit is you get a good solid glass door and there are no bits to buy.

From the original questioner:
That really doesn't work for two reasons. First of all, if the glass even needs replacement the door would have to be totally rebuilt. And second, most patterned glass is only available as 1/8".

From contributor R:
Is this a one off, or something you'd like to offer? Whiteside will manufacture a custom bit if you send them the information. If this will be a "signature" type of thing for you, it would be worth doing. If not, then you could make the doors with a normal bit set, route out the rabbet, and use a slot cutter for the plastic trim. Last option, I know that you can have doors made by door manufacturers that have the glass stop groove.

From the original questioner:
Have you dealt with this company in the past? I'm not familiar with them, but will look into your suggestion. I do a lot of mission style cabinets - they are very popular - and invariably someone wants several glass doors in the mix.

From contributor D:
I can't see 1/4" glass ever needing to be replaced, unless a bullet or big rock went through it.

From contributor R:
I have not bought custom bits from them, but have been using Whiteside bits for many years. I've always been very happy with the quality of their bits.

From contributor T:
That glass panel design is not all that new. When I used to work for my previous employer we called it a "Special Glass Panel". I have designed it in many profiles including "Mission Style". I have even sold it as an insert tooling system to a couple of customers.

From contributor J:
Well if you decide to upgrade to a shaper you can buy off-the-shelf 6 piece cutter sets that will do what you want. Router bits may be a bit tougher to find, but custom made is certainly an option.

From contributor S:
Most router but sets can be "rearranged" to become a glass door set by swapping out the 1/4" cutter to the opposite set of knives. I do this all the time. The cutter for the plastic insert is the hard one to find (depth of cut problem) and I finally had to but it from Summerfield. I have doors done with 1/4 tempered glass inserted at assembly and a couple have cracked (over 20 years). It was probably due to wood swelling as they are exterior French Doors.

From the original questioner:
After looking at some very favorable evaluations of the company, I decided to give Whiteside a try. They came back with a quote for a custom made bit set for around 2.5 times that of a similar off the shelf Freud set. This is not out of line (in my estimation) for custom work, so I'm going to give them a go.