Mixed Species Stickers for Air Drying

It doesn't matter what species is used for stickers, but the stickers should be dry. January 17, 2011

I have a custom saw job for about 1k bf of white oak which will be air-dried. The customer has a junk pine log he wants to use for stickers. Is it safe to use pine stickers on green oak, or should we cut oak stickers from the same logs?

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From contributor A:
It does not matter the type of wood used for stickers but it does matter if they are dry or not. Putting green wood on green stickers can lead to stain. White oak is not too bad for staining but it can show sticker shadow. If is all you have then it is better than nothing. Saw the pine first and lay out in the sun. Saw the oak and sticker. Re-sticker it in a week or so, it will give the pine time to dry some and the boards will be drier where they are re-stickered.