Moisture-Meter Accuracy for Veneer

Moisture meters will read a single leaf of wood veneer differently than a thick stack of it. January 11, 2007

My dog Burl ate my last meter, and I have the Wagoner L609 on the way to replace it. Since I had one with probes before, I was wondering if this one will read the same on thin material such as veneers as in lumber? How does it know?

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From contributor D:
The Wagner won't accurately read one leaf of veneer, but if you make a stack at least 1/2" thick, it will give you an average for that stack.

From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
You need to make sure that the back side of the material you are measuring is air and not another material. I do not believe that the 609 will read the same for thin stock and for 1" material. It will be off by several percent MC in my experience.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. Yes, I have it now, and have tried it with a single layer, and also clamped a stack of them together to make up 3/4" of thickness. It is reading up to 10% difference between single and stack.