Moisture Meter for Logs

Advice on moisture meters capable of reading deep into logs. December 14, 2009

I just finished building a kiln and will be drying logs for furniture. Can anyone suggest a good moisture meter for checking logs (only up to 6" diameter)? I have read the posts on moisture meters but none of them mention logs.

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From contributor P:
This is a Delmhorst with 3" insulated pins. The insulation makes it so they only read from the tips.

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From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
You can also use common wire nails, as long as you want, for probes and then touch the end of the needles on the heads to get deeper readings.

From the original questioner:
Seriously? I had no clue that would work. I figured the probes were designed to somehow draw in some moisture. The only other concern I have is the holes it would leave behind. Since these are logs the holes couldn't be planed out or hidden.

From contributor P:
The meter is measuring resistance to the flow of electricity like an electricianís ohm meter, but is far more sensitive and in wood's range of resistance. You can fill the snakebite with toothpick sized pieces of wood. I try to hit places that will be hidden.