Motor Vehicles Paperwork for a Portable Bandmill

Info on bill-of-sale, title, registration, and insurance technicalities for bandsaw mill trailers. December 9, 2010

When you buy a Wood-Mizer or other brand from someone out of state what do you do for a license plate to haul it home? Does it come with some sort of title, registration or bill of sale that is official looking?

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From contributor U:
Wood-Mizers, at least those with a trailer package, have a vin number. There is a tag on the axle. I believe there is also a tag on the saw frame and possibly one on the saw head.

From contributor Y:
It depends on the state. Some states regard a portable sawmill as farm equipment. When we pulled our mill home from Indy, they issued us some temporary plates. When we got to Missouri, we didnít need plates. Your state may require them.

From contributor D:
My Wood-Mizer was delivered to CT. From the sales rep I received a bill of sale with VIN # for the trailer package, with the trailer package cost listed as its value, together with a different receipt for the sawmill and accessories. The bill of sale for the trailer package was what I registered at the DMV. I never noticed where the VIN# is located on the mill. This has another consequence in that in my area, property tax is assessed by individual towns on the value of registered vehicles, and separately on the value of declared business assets.

From contributor R:
In Minnesota only trailers that can haul more than one thing need to be licensed most of the time. What don't need a license are things like sawmill's, wood splitters, air compressors.

From contributor A:
I do not know about the others but if you are buying a WM get the vin# from the seller and call WM. They can check the number and see if it is stolen or who owns it. The one selling it needs to call so WM can transfer it to you so you will be able to buy parts from them.

In Arkansas I had to have a trailer tag put on my mill. WM gave me a title and bill of sale for mine. Now here is the fine line they do not tell you. When I bought my mill and towed it home it was covered by my truck insurance. Once I started a mobile sawing service it was no longer covered by my truck insurance till I put commercial tags on my truck. So check with your insurance and state on tagging it. Most places allow you ten days with a bill of sale and insurance to get tags or will issue a temp tag to get home if you have the info.

From contributor P:
We received our LT 40 from the Oregon outlet, trailed it through Washington and Canada to Alaska, no problems. We did have the paperwork and all but werenít asked for any of it.

From contributor C:
When I bought my LT40, I received a MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) from Wood-Mizer. That's like a birth certificate for a car. If you register it new, you would give that to the DMV. Most people never see one because the car dealer usually does the DMV paperwork.